Extravagant Children's Birthday Parties Making Kids Spoiled & Ungrateful? Here's How To Celebrate More Meaningfully

Tanika Davis, a mother-of-two, felt that giving her boys grandiose children's birthday parties every year may be spoiling them. Her sons are turning 5 and yet they know enough to expect that they will be having another grand birthday party this year.

Davis and her husband tried to entice the boys of having a carnival-themed birthday party in their backyard with cotton candy, popcorn and face-painters but the boys insisted on something else because it was "boring." Tanika looked back on her own 8th birthday party and wrote on the Baltimore Sun that she was more content and happy with the modest little gathering.

She adds that there's nothing wrong with showering children with birthday party and other mini-parties for celebration but feels that it is done too often to the point where children feel as if it is too pro forma or the norm. Doing so makes the point of celebrating birthdays lose their essence.

There many reasons why parents shower their children with extravagant birthday parties. According to Multiple Mayhem Mamma, one main driving force is guilt. The author says guilt may be one of the many reasons for overindulging children, however, she says that splurging doesn't make up for whatever inadequacy you feel you have as a parent.

According to Conscious Parents, instead of inviting everyone for your kid's birthday, invite only their friends instead. It makes it less of a social function and more time for kids to have fun by themselves. Another great idea for goodie bags is instead of buying toys and candies for guests, have them have something more meaningful like children's books, paint sets, puzzle sets and other educational and useful children's stuff. It also isn't a bad idea to introduce children to gratitude notes. Take a look at the video below for ideas on how gratitude notes work:

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