Know The Top 3 Signs Of Dehydration

Dehydration usually occurs when the body uses more fluid that the individual consumed, thus affecting the system's normal function. It is important to take not of the minor symptoms of dehydration to avoid further complications.

Though most people would tend to neglect the symptoms of dehydration, it can easily progress to more complicated conditions. Being dehydrated means losing too much water from the body that it knocks the system off balance, according to Web MD. Though mild dehydration can be reversed by consuming plenty of liquids, severe dehydration, on the other hand, required medical attention as it can cause death.

Dehydration usually occurs when the individual does not consume enough fluid to meet the body's need. Though one does not fee thirsty, dehydration symptoms come in many different forms. Listed below are signs of dehydration that one must take note of:


A pounding headache may seem like a far indication for dehydration, but according to the Heat Flash website, it can sometimes mean that your body needs water. It was cited that when your body lacks water, it makes up for it by taking the water from the blood, thus cutting down the oxygen supply that the brain needs. The first reaction after a severe headache is to reach for a painkiller, try drinking a glass of water as it might only be minor dehydration.

Fatigue/ sluggishness

There may be times when your body would feel awfully tired and sluggish although you haven't involved yourself into a strenuous activity. This being said, your body possibly needs more fluid to fully function. In relation to the headache that occurs when you're dehydrated, the drop of oxygen in the system makes the body feel tired and exhausted.


Though the first symptom of dehydration is feeling thirsty, it can sometimes disguise itself in the form of hunger. The body sometimes sends in mixed signals wherein in confuses thirst for hunger. When you're feeling hungry, try reaching for a glass of water first, if you feel better afterwards, the hunger was just a form of dehydration. Only grab a snack if your hunger didn't subside after consuming a glass of water.

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