Know Why the Babies Cry and How to Calm Them Down in Very Simple Way

By Maria Victoria Quiroz, Parent Herald March 24, 09:27 pm

When babies are crying, the parents thought that maybe the baby was hungry, sleepy, or maybe they need their parent's attention. Most of the parents are going to tuck their baby when they are crying or giving them bottled milk to calm them down.

According to Baby Center, it is hard for a parent to work out which needs their baby want when they are crying. As the baby grows, they eventually learn some ways on how they communicate with their parents. Here are some ways to know the reasons why babies cry and how to calm them in these situations.

When babies are crying sometimes they want to eat. Hunger is one of the most common reasons why babies cry. For breastfeeders, offer your baby your breast so that they can drink milk from that. While for formula-feeders, the baby may need more milk for at least 2 hours in difference.

Some babies are crying because they need to be held or tucked in. Babies need to be tucked in or be cuddled to give them assurance that their parents are comforting them. Singing a lullaby while swaying them may give them extra comfort, it may also use when the babies are trying to sleep.

Checking the baby's temperature is a must. Use cellular and sheet blankets as the baby's bedding and blankets. Babies need to wear comfortable clothes to normalize their temperature.

A pediatrician named Dr. Robert Hamilton knows the secret on how to calm a crying baby in very simple technique. The name of the technique is "The Hold," very helping in calming children and keeping them quiet," he said, according to Parents.

The technique was by folding the baby's arms across his own chest while supporting his head, holding the baby's bottom, and then smoothly bounces him up and down slowly, and then the baby will slowly stop crying. The baby's crying is completely stopped.

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