Top 3 Apps That Would Make Co-Parenting Work For Divorced Parents; No. 2 Is A Must-Have

By Dianne Francisco, Parent Herald March 25, 06:20 pm

For divorced couples who are looking for a way to make co-parenting work, the good news is that there are now apps for that. Living in this generation is easier with technology to make everyone's lives easier, especially those who have just experienced the pain of divorce and still having to tend to their kids.

It is difficult to co-parent when you are divorced because the tendency to encounter tension with your ex, while just trying to communicate with them, can put too much pressure on the task. But thanks to the arrival of smartphones with apps, you can download any of these little helpers to make your parenting a walk in the park with your former spouse.

1. SplitWise:  In an article published by The Star, they said that this app is perfect if you want to track yours and your former spouse's expenses on your kids. This is handy since it would even give both of you a reminder if any of you owes some money on your parenting duties.

2. Chore Monster:  Instead of putting up charts to designate chores for your children, this app would help both you and your partner assign and monitor the tasks you have for your kids while they are staying in your place. Like if your child is supposed to do the dishes on the weekends while he or she is staying with you, such activity could be logged on this app and your ex could log another activity on their app that doesn't involve the same task that you assigned to your child.

3. Kidganizer: According to The Online Mom, this app is just perfect to keep things organized if you want to keep in sync of the schedule of your kids for doctor's and dental visits, school programs and pretty much anything referring to your child's personal life.

With these apps, both parties won't have any excuse in forgetting their roles as parents. Share these with your friends who are looking for the perfect tools in managing their co-parenting lifestyle.

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