Smelly Gas And Poop Of Babies Could Mean Something

Babies can have smelly gas and poop, too, just like adults. Even with their young digestive system and the organic foods they eat, they can still produce that disturbing organic smell coming from their tummy.

According to Bundoo, the smell of babies' gas or poop may vary depending on the food or milk they intake. Here are some explanations why the smell of your baby's gas has different patterns.

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1.    When your baby belches and has no odor at all

In general, babies that are breastfed by their moms still produce smelly gas or poop but it's just they don't smell as bad. On the first few days, the baby's poop will totally be smell-free because the bacteria are still starting to colonize. Once the bacteria establish its place in the baby's intestines, that's the time when gas and poop becomes smelly.

2.    Mild sulfur-like smell

Once a baby starts to eat organic foods like veggies or baby cereals, his poop starts to have a sulfur-like smell. There are foods that contain sulfur compounds that cause the smell. The gasses are produced when the organic compounds are broken down in the digestive system. If you start to feed your babies with foods high in protein especially from meat, it's more likely to produce a stinky sulfur like smell.

3.    Strong sulfur odor

As posted by LiveStrong, Catherine Parker-Littler, a registered midwife and author of "Ask a Midwife," explained that babies fed with formula milk often produce an unpleasant and strong odorous stool and gas. It is because formula milk can't be fully absorbed by babies compared to breast milk so the waste product that are defecated stinks a lot.

4.    Very strong sour odor than sulfur like.

If the smell of the gas and stool falls in the sour-like smell, it is an indicator that the child is suffering from poor absorption of nutrients and/or infection like infant gastroenteritis. This time, you have to seek help from a doctor to treat this serious kind of problem.

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