5 Things Parents Do That Children Hates

By Mark Oliver Rondobio, Parent Herald March 29, 08:00 am

There are things that parents do which their children hate. Good intentions aside, there are times that children get annoyed and embarrassed with what their parents do to them.

According to WebMD, this is a part of the adolescent developmental phase. A psychologist specializing in kids and families at Emory University in Atlanta, Nadine Kaslow, PhD, explained that it's part of the teen development where they want to be apart from their parents resulting in parent rejection.

It may be painful for parents to overcome this stage, but teens start to develop as an individual by separating from their parents. They normally tend to enjoy the company of their friends rather than their parents.

Here are some common situations where teens will hate their parents. This is a good guide for parents to help them maintain a good relationship with their teen child by giving this situation a thought.

1.      Being affectionate to your teen in front of many people

Though this is not bad, for teens, if you do this in front of his friends, they get embarrassed because they fear they will be judged and ridiculed. They will feel like they are still a baby even though they've already grown.

2.      Yelling at them in many people

This will surely embarrass them and affect their self-confidence. This is an example of verbal abuse where you are belittling or insulting your teen in public. As explained by Health Day, children experiencing this will have a negative self-image. It also affects their self-esteem.

3.      Trying to be young and cool even if it doesn't fit their age

Age is just a number but acting not at your age is something unnatural as a parent. If you are trying to be cool, act like a cool mom or dad, not as a cool teenager who is trying to hide his actual age by the way he acts or dress. Your teen child will hate to see you around.

4.      Interrogating intensely their boyfriends, girlfriends and friends

This may seem like you are breaking the privacy of your teenagers and their friends but this is somehow acceptable. Don't just grill them too much because this will embarrass them and there will be a tendency that your child will choose to keep secrets from you rather than sharing them.

5.      Not looking at your best or dressing less fashionably in public

Teens are developing and they are concerned not just on how they will look but also how their parents will look in front of the public. You really can't escape the fact that you'll get behind the fashion trends when you become a parent but try at least to look a bit fashionable for your kids.

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