Designer Babies: New Technology Puts An 'End To Sex,' Lets Parents Customize Their Baby

By Jackie Pasaol, Parent Herald March 29, 07:00 pm

A genetic ethics expert said that 20 to 40 years from now, couples will be using a different type of method to produce babies. If the said method will be materialized, couples will no longer have to have sex to make a baby.

According to the Metro, Henry Greely, a professor of law and genetics at Stanford University, has written a book entitled "The End of Sex and the Future of Human Reproduction." In the book, Henry claimed that the world already had the technology to change the system of reproduction.

Rather than using the traditional way to make babies, couples who want to have a baby can simply go to a laboratory. But it's not just to create a baby, but to design babies for anyone who wants to be a parent.

Greely explained to The Times,  aspiring parents just need to provide all the samples needed. "When a couple wants a baby, he'll provide sperm and she'll provide a punch of skin," he said. Scientists or the designer of the babies then can make 100 different embryos, where couples can choose from.

From there, scientists will explain to the parents about the possible condition of each baby. "These five have really serious diseases, you don't want them," he said. "Of the other 95, they will be given the pluses and minuses." The chosen embryo will then be implanted in the woman.

He also said, with this technology, parents in the future will have the freedom to customize their babies. He said the presented embryos will be grouped by categories. "One category will be very severe, untreatable, nasty diseases," he said. This category will affect 1-2 percent of embryos.

He said another category will be other diseases, while the third category will be cosmetic such as factoring in the color of the hair, eye color and shape of the face. However, Greely believes that the final and fourth category, which pertains to the behavioral aspect, remains limited.

Greely also added that this technique might be considered practical in the future, considering that couples will have the ability to design their own baby. What do you think about the new technology? Don't hesitate to speak up in the comments section below!

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