Belittling Your Children's Early Learning Could Result To Future Underachievement

By Jonnalyn Cortez, Parent Herald March 31, 01:59 am

In a research made by Save The Children, a non-government organization for children, they found out that parents have the potential to underestimate their toddlers' early learning stage. This has its toll on the children as they will feel condemned by their guardians' low expectations by suffering underachievement.

According to Telegraph, children's learning starts in their early years. This will be the time that they are beginning to understand things and to interact that they will take until they grow up.

In the age of two and a half, according to the survey among parents of children between 2 and 10 years old, the research found out that 47 percent deemed their child should know about 100 words or fewer. This is an evident result of guardians underestimating their children's ability because a child's terminology can, in fact, go up to 600 expressions in their early development.

Hence, Save The Children in collaboration with a team of top child psychologists and education specialists are eyeing to start a new campaign demanding every nursery school to have a "qualified early years teacher." The campaign is to be supported by the taxpayers to make sure that toddlers have a proper kind of learning even if they are playing.

This is to help the 130,000 children in England, who are being left behind in language development. One in every five children or six in every reception class is suffering from vocabulary underdevelopment.

"A child's pre-school years form a critical opportunity for the brain to develop key skills like speech and language," Save The Children wrote on their research's result, Independent reported. "Our research shows failure to develop adequate language skills leaves children struggling to learn in the classroom."

Children are affected by their parents' underestimation. It will be instilled in the child's minds that will give them difficulty to learn when they start schooling.

This can result to being smothered and left behind throughout the children's school years. Save The Children claimed child's brains are two times active like adults and they can even build connections doubling what grown-ups can do.

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