3 Harmless April Fool's Day Pranks For The Family; No. 1 Is Super Hilarious!

By Dianne Francisco, Parent Herald March 31, 06:25 am

It is almost April 1st and we all know what that means - it's April Fool's Day! What better way to celebrate it than pulling off some harmless pranks that the whole family could enjoy and be involved with.

Since you will be involving your children, we would want to keep things wholesome and definitely fun! We have gathered some of the best pranks that you could do this April Fool's Day and your family would surely look forward to celebrating it every year.

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1. The Time Machine

Take the whole family outside at a park near you. Go approach a stranger and ask them what is the current date and time. Once they gave you an answer, yell to one of your family members who is not so far from you and say, "It worked!" Then run back to your family after yelling.

You will definitely notice the stranger looking shocked from this prank. You can also ask one of your family members to film the whole thing, so you could have something fun to look back and watch in the years to come.

2. Why Is The Soap Not Working?

Parenting.com shared this next prank that involves bath soap. Just get some clear nail polish and paint any bath soap that your family is using. Do it overnight while everyone is asleep.

The next morning when people in your house finally go to the shower and use it, they will start wondering why is it not producing suds. Once they ask you, start saying, "Happy April fool's day!"

3. Frozen Cereal

The kids will be in it for a surprise once you prepare their cereals frozen. The Today show's website shared this prank with simple instructions like putting milk and cereal in a bowl. Freeze it overnight and prepare it to your kids in the morning. There is no doubt that they will give you a surprised look.

Have fun with these pranks that will make April 1st a memorable and fun one for the whole family. Share this to your friends today!

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