'Rose Red' Movie Release Date, Cast News & Update: Snow White's Sister Will Get Live-Action Treatment - Who Is Rose Red?

By Rachel Cruz, Parent Herald April 01, 02:45 am

Snow White's sister, Rose Red, is getting her own Disney live-action movie. Her tale is a classic, but it's not one that's been told many times over in popular culture. Not everyone is aware that Snow White has a sister. So, who is Rose Red?

The Hollywood Reporter reveals Disney's plans to tackle the story of Rose Red. The studio has enlisted Justin Merz for the script following a pitch from Evan Daugherty. Merz had a story in place and originally wrote "Red" as a feature, but Daugherty suggested new angles that will require some script revisions. Disney and Daugherty want the live-action film to become a "companion piece." Daugherty wrote the script to "Snow White and the Huntsman," which starred Chris Hemsworth and Kristen Stewart.

In "Red," Snow White's estranged sister becomes a central figure after the fairy tale character gets poisoned from the apple. Rose Red will align with the seven dwarves to help her sister and break the curse.

Rose Red on The Grimm Fairytales

The Brothers Grimm made the story of "Snow White and Rose Red" popular during the 17th century. It was a children's fairytale that featured a talking bear as the girls' playmate, and explored their encounters with a cruel dwarf. The bear turned out to be a prince who would eventually marry Snow White, while Rose Red ended up with the prince's borther, per Penguin Readers.

But Rose Red she was subsequently scrapped from a different story relating to Snow White in the 1800s, per E! Online. Eventually, the character was phased out and forgotten. Bustle describes Rose Red as more opinionated and bolder than her timid sister. As her name implies, she has red hair and she's more daring to go on adventures than Snow White.

"Red" is in its development stage at this point, so other details are still vague. Is this movie something you'd be eager to watch?

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