'The Last Of Us 2' Plot Details, News & Update: Game To Be Set As Prequel Entitled 'Days Gone' - What Is It About? [RUMORS]

By Rachel Cruz, Parent Herald April 01, 02:50 am

Gamers have been eagerly waiting for "The Last of Us 2" and now that developer Naughty Dog is done with their last project, an announcement is expected to happen. Reports say that the team might not be working on a sequel to the best-selling game, but the next "Last of Us" will be a prequel entitled "Days Gone." What will this game be about?

Speculations that Naughty Dog's next game will be called "The Last of Us 2: Days Gone" arose from a trademark document for a new game. Sony applied for this in December 2015 as its game publisher, per Gaming Bolt.

The timing of the trademark application is circumspect as well, as Naughty Dog and Sony just wrapped up "Unchartered 4" and is moving forward with a different project, which is believed to be "The Last of Us" sequel. As Movie Pilot points out, "Days Gone" might be the game's subtitle and Sony has been known to have done this in the past. The company trademarked "Phantom Pain" while developers worked on "Metal Gear Solid." Eventually, Sony officially released the game "Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pains."

It's unclear at this point what "Days Gone" will be about but the prequel could involve Marlene's origin and will delve on how she came to be the leader of The Fireflies, per Blasting News. There are also speculations "The Last of Us 2: Days Gone" will touch on the outbreak's initial events. However, since this might be close to the theme of the first game, the second "Last of Us" could be a spinoff involving characters that have not yet been introduced. Will fans be able to embrace new characters for this franchise?

"The Last Of Us" was first release in 2013 as a horror action-adventure game. It took Naughty Dog nearly five years to complete the first game, but the effort was worth it as it went on to become critically-acclaimed and a gamer favorite.


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