Tesla Model 3 Features, News & Update: Affordable Electric Car Finally Debuts - Why This Matters

By Rachel Cruz, Parent Herald April 01, 02:56 am

Tesla Model 3 has officially unveiled and no other product announcement for cars has received a response quite like it. Before its debut, buyers have been lining up Tesla dealerships to reserve their purchases as if they're purchasing an iPhone. As Tesla owner, Elon Musk, revealed the car's features in a live video unveiling online, netizens were all eyes on the newest electric car in the market.

Viewers had to sign up to be able to watch Musk's live presentation March 31, but it's not hard to miss the details when it's all what Twitter users could talk about. Tesla #Model3 trended on the social site on the night of its launch. Here are the details from the debut and why this electric car matters:

1) Basics of Tesla Model 3

The main things people are interested to know about the car include its price, speed, safety standards and range, and as earlier revealed, it will be the cheapest eco-car at $35,000. Tech Crunch reports that the base model can go from 0 to 60 mph within 6 seconds and these are just the "minimum numbers" Musk announced. The car received 5-star safety rating and an EPA rating of at least 215 miles with each charge.

2) Features of Tesla Model 3

All models will come with an autopilot hardware and standard supercharging mechanism. There are trunks on the front and rear similar to the Model S, but it is smaller than the premiere electric car. Its roof is made of glass panes and it comes with a sleek matte paint finish. Five adults can comfortably sit inside, per Los Angeles Times.

3) Delivery of Tesla Model 3

Musk is certain that the car will be delivered to those who have made their reservations in 2017. Forbes reports that Tesla received 115,000 reservations on the night the car was unveiled.

4) Why Tesla Model 3 Matters

The car's sales impacts the environment, the auto industry and manufacturing. Quartz reports that scientists are also interested about the car's performance in the long run, especially with Tesla Model 3's battery invention. It's compact, light and yet it packs more energy.

"We continue to believe that Tesla has a significant headstart in a technology that will eventually dominate automotive," said analyst Dan Galves via Financial Times.

"It's very important to accelerate the transition to sustainable transport," said Musk, per Wired.

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