'Princess Diaries 3' Cast News & Update: Anne Hathaway And Heather Matarazzo Reunite! [Photo]

By Rachel Cruz, Parent Herald April 04, 03:23 am

Fans excited for "Princess Diaries 3" got a peek of how lead character Anne Hathaway and Heather Matarazzo got together recently. But while they were not reuniting to do the movie just yet, seeing the two in one picture together was a delight for the celebrities' eager followers.

Heather Matarazzo posted a photo of herself with her "Princess Diaries" bestie Anne Hathaway on her Instagram and wrote in the caption that she loves her former co-star like a soul sister. Cosmopolitan reports that the reunion was for Anne's baby shower. The 33-year-old actress announced in November 2015 that she's pregnant with husband Adam Schulman.

Love this woman.  #friendship #soulsister #fellowscorpio

A photo posted by heathermatarazzo (@heathermatarazzo) on Mar 5, 2016 at 4:51pm PST

Fans wrote in the comments of the photo sharing site that they can't help but cry upon seeing the stars together. "My emotions are all over the place," said Instagram user khylaxxo. "I honestly can't remember either of their names in Princess Diaries but this makes my heart warm," said another user, confused.mp3.

When the two first worked together on "Princess Diaries" in 2001, Anne Hathaway and Heather Matarazzo were just teenagers. Hathaway played the San Francisco school girl turned Genova princess Mia Thermopolis and Matarazzo was her trusty sidekick Lily Moscovitz. Then, they were together again in the 2005 sequel, "Princess Diaries 2: A Royal Engagement." The movie confirmed Mia as the ruler of Genova and she found a prince in Nicholas (Chris Pine).

Matarazzo has constantly expressed on her Twitter that she has no idea when "Princess Diaries 3" will begin filming, even as reports that director Garry Marshall and Hathaway herself have confirmed it is going to happen. However, any plans of development have to take a backseat as Hathaway will need to attend to her first baby's birth for the meantime.

Watch Anne Hathaway and Heather Matarazzo in one of their finest scenes as best friends on "Princess Diaries":

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