Students' 'No Child' Play Aims At Breaking Classroom Stereotypes

By Nens Bolilan, Parent Herald April 07, 04:30 am

A play about a teacher who is tasked to deal with an unruly group of kids in New York will be performed by students at Magnolia Middle School in Meridian, Mississippi. The piece also aims to break the labels branded on kids in schools.

Dubbed "No Child," the play was written by Nilaja Sun and will be directed by Randy Wayne. Wayne told WTOK-TV that this production will focus on the struggles of students.

"I think it speaks to the community. Students come to class and you never know what they are going through at home. They have problems at school," he explained. "In addition, teachers have problems at home , at school, as well as administration."

He noted that educators sometimes forget that their jobs should be focused on the kids. "We want to make sure no child is left behind in their school work and in class," Wayne noted.

Scheduled to be shown on April 14, 18 and 19 at the school's auditorium, the play will feature some of the school's talents like Octavia Watson and Isaiah Mathew. It will begin at around 7 p.m. with admission at $5.

Watson shared with WTOK-TV that she plays various characters in the play which taught her to be flexible and try things other than what she is used to doing. "Some students think that their classrooms are very hard and they can't do it. They want to quit but sometimes you can't abandon children. You have to be there because that's who they look up to," she added.

Top Universities noted that students usually get judged in school and placed by other learners into various categories. Though stereotypes make student life more interesting, it would usually place barriers among them stopping them from interacting with people outside their groups.

The same report also enumerated some of the most common stereotypes at schools like the loud people, those who love to party, the normal students, and students who always take a nap in class. Top Universities a lot of students can easily categorize themselves into these groups.

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