Charmed Playhouses: Take A Look At Some Of The Most Amazing Luxury Clubhouses For Kids

By Daniel Joseph, Parent Herald April 07, 05:58 am

Most kids want to have their own playhouse in their own backyard. However, many of the playhouses available on the market are not imaginative and safe enough for most children. Fortunately, you can contact Charmed Playhouses -- a company dedicated to providing the most spectacular luxury playhouses for kids.

"With so many cookie-cutter playhouses on the market, our highly-skilled team wants to provide you with something unique and straight from your imagination," Charmed Playhouses explained. "Whether you're looking to invest in a playhouse, treehouse, or doghouse for your canine companion, we want to make a beautifully customized design just for you."

There are several benefits in giving kids an outdoor playhouse they can play in. Aside from the fun and excitement that playhouses provide, these structures can also help develop kids' physical and mental skills, Learn to Play Toys explains.

Charmed Playhouses make a lot of effort to make sure that the luxury playhouses they provide for kids are aesthetically brilliant and very safe to use. The company uses handcrafting and solid-wood to create their beautiful and imaginative luxury playhouses. Charmed Playhouses also makes sure to involve their clients in creating the perfect luxury playhouses for their kids.

Architect Wayne Visbeen coordinates with the clients for the design while artisans in Canada bring the designs to life. "The final cost of each playhouse depends on what the clients dream up but can range in price from $7,000-$100,000," Pop Sugar shares.

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