Top Beauty Brands to Shoulder Expenses Brought About by Weight Loss Fraud

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission confirms that beauty brands who claim weight loss 'miracles' is all fraud, according to the Voice of Russia.

FTC has announced that it has launched a law enforcement initiative to stop weight loss companies from using deceptive advertising to sell food additives, skin creams and dietary supplements, most of which are not proven to help drop pounds. As of late, the commission has already charged four companies with deceptively marketing weight-loss products asserting they made "unfounded promises" promoting easy weight loss and slimmer bodies.

Sensa, a company that sells a powdered food additive that is claimed to help consumers lose weight without diet or exercise, is among the four that the FTC ordered to pay a combined $43 million back to consumers of its products. Sensa was charged $59, plus shipping and handling, for a one-month supply of the powder that was supposed to be sprinkled on food to make users feel full faster, so they ate less. The FTC also aimed at Adam Goldenberg, the chief executive of Sensa and Dr. Hirsch, who conducted the studies on the product but whose findings "were not supported by scientific evidence".

In a statement, Sensa said that the company does not admit to wrongdoing but will try to adjust its advertising to comply with the FTC. "Sensa is incorporating changes to its advertising to comply with the FTC's consent order and continues to support the brand with new advertising and marketing materials. LenSpa, the other company already settled charges. L'Occitane was also charged by the FTC. 

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