Unhealthy Practices: 5 Surprising Daily Habits That Can Make You Sick

Almost everyone hates getting sick. However, many people do not know that they can actually avoid many illnesses and diseases just by eliminating some of their daily habits. Avoiding the daily habits that can make you sick can make a big difference in your overall health and wellbeing.

Livestrong shared some common daily habits that can make you sick. It might take some time and effort to completely eliminate these practices but it is definitely worth it.

1. Worrying Too Much

One of the most surprising daily habits that can make you sick is worrying too much. Your anxiety and stress levels increase when you worry a lot. Too much anxiety and stress can cause heart problems and hypertension as well as weaken your immune system.

2. Not Having A Diverse Diet

Not having a diverse diet prevents you from getting all of the nutrients that your body needs. These vitamins and minerals can help strengthen your body to prevent infections and diseases.

3. Spending All Your Time Indoor

If you do not spend time outside your home, then you are committing one of the most harmful habits that can make you sick. "Simply spending 10 minutes in bright sunlight can boost vitamin D production, further enhancing your ability to fight colds and flu," Livestrong explains.

4. Not Caring What You Touch

Many people touch all kinds of unsanitary objects and surfaces without being aware of the health risks they are exposing themselves to. "Did you know that microbes can live on inert surfaces anywhere from a few minutes to several months? Imagine these disease-causing microorganisms living on your computer keyboard, your light switch, or even on the elevator button," APIC shares. You can avoid infection by being careful of what you touch and making sure to wash your hands on a regular basis.

5. Not Sleeping Enough

One of the most common harmful habits that can make you sick is not getting enough sleep at night. Inadequate sleep can severely weaken your immune system which is responsible for protecting your body from infection and diseases. Make sure to get seven to nine hours of sleep every day to boost your immune system.

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