Pregnancy Workout Tips: 3 Safety Guidelines For Pregnant Women In The Gym

More and more pregnant women have been promoting exercise even when you're pregnant. With a wide range of workout videos to choose from other pregnant mothers, there's no reason for an expectant mom to put a halt on her exercise routine. Being pregnant does not mean that you have to stop working out in the gym, but there are safety guidelines you have to follow so as not to put your baby at dangerous risk.

Modern Mom shared some simple but effective pregnancy workout tips. These pregnancy workout tips can help keep you and your baby safe while working out so that you can still maintain a fit and healthy body throughout your pregnancy.

1. Talk To Your Doctor

Experts agree that pregnant women can continue to workout in the gym in a safer and less intense manner. However, there are some pregnant women whose risk for pregnancy complications might increase due to working out in the gym. Therefore, talking to your doctor before doing any exercise routine in the gym is one of the most important pregnancy workout tips to follow.

2. Drink Lots Of Water

Make sure to drink plenty of water before, during and after your gym workout. Hydration is a great way to prevent pre-term contractions and high body temperature which can cause harm to your baby.

If you feel like you are starting to overheat, you can stop the workout immediately, drink water, go to a room with cool temperature and wear something looser and more comfortable. "Research indicates temperature above 39 degree C can result in neural tube defects in the fetus," Mom Junction reports.

3. Eat Extra Calories

One of the most effective pregnancy workout tips is to take extra calories which your body can use during the workout. "It is recommended that a pregnant woman take in between 300 and 500 extra calories a day during pregnancy," Modern Mom explains. Pregnant women can get more calories by eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meat and fish.

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