Education Technology 2016: How EdTech Will Change The Opportunity Limits For Success Of Less Fortunate Students In America

By Kristine Walker, Parent Herald April 11, 06:00 am

Education Technology is a broad field that can have several competing definitions. But a new research recently highlighted EdTech's ability to empower and change the guidelines and circumstances when it comes to the opportunity limitations for success of students at the bottom of the social and economic ladder in the United States.

During the annual conference of the American Educational Research Association on April. 8, a recent study was presented that outlined a more profound perspective on educational technology. The presentation underscored EdTech's potential to change the opportunity limits for success of less fortunate American students through influencing the pervasiveness of mobile devices and the ability of new digital tools from mapping to media creation.

"It's really about bottom-up research in which young people become the experts around the social and material conditions they are navigating on a daily basis," San Francisco State University African Studies professor Antwi Akom, Education Week quotes.

Akom also added that through the use of new educational technologies, it could lead to the change of public spaces and could provide better access to fresh and healthy food as well as transportation. In addition, these modern technologies can also expand the educational opportunity of some of the most marginalized communities in the United States.

In addition, Akom's radical vision on educational technology also underlined several fundamental themes such as racial justice and digital equity. He also added that the study summed up the reassessment on the definition of innovation and education.

Meanwhile, educational technology is often deliberated by its transformative potential. It is often viewed by its ability to personalize teaching, to take schools out of the industrial age and to prepare the youth for a fast developing economy.

Today, educational technology is about to reach its full potential to democratize education. According to EdSurge, EdTech will finally be implemented in slow-moving but diverse traditional public schools since charter classrooms are not the conducive place for its implementation.

In other related news, education will not be missing the internet revolution. Tech Crunch reveals that a number of entrepreneurs is currently increasing to revolutionize education.

The publication added that innovators are now concentrating to work hard on building tools and launching programs to help students learn more. But when thinking about the educational technology landscape, gamification, personalization and continued education are currently trending.

With the rapidly changing tech landscape, do you think educational technology can be a big help in continual learning?


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