Republican Frontrunner Donald Trump Inspiring Children To Bully Immigrant Students, Is Presidential Candidate A Bully Himself?

Donald Trump's anti-immigrant rhetoric has been affecting kids as well. A recent study found that the GOP candidate's tirades are inspiring children to bully their immigrant classmates.

An online survey from the nonprofit Southern Poverty Law Center found that this year's U.S. presidential race spurned "an increase in the bullying, harassment and intimidation of students whose races, religions or nationalities have been the verbal targets of candidates." SPLC's survey on Donald Trump was titled, "The Trump Effect: The Impact of the Presidential Campaign on our Nation's Schools," and was conducted on 2,000 teachers in the United States.

Out of 5,000 comments, more than 1,000 commenters brought up Donald Trump's anti-immigrant comments even though the survey didn't mention any of the presidential candidates. In contrast, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Ted Cruz were only mentioned lower than 200 times altogether.

Immigrant Kids Being Bullied

According to the report, more than one-third of teachers noticed a surge of anti-Muslim or anti-immigrant outlook. Some Muslim students were being referred to by their classmates as "terrorists" or "ISIS." One student in the fifth grade even told a Muslim classmate that he likes Donald Trump because the Republican frontrunner will kill all Muslims if he wins the presidential seat.

Immigrant children, such as Latinos and blacks, are worried that they will be sent back to their home countries if Donald Trump wins. Educators also said that Trump is teaching students to be hateful towards low-income and impoverished residents. Religious bias is rising as well.

Teachers said kids heard Donald Trump's rhetoric not just from their peers, but also from social media, TV, radio, and newspapers, among others. More than 40 percent of the teachers who participated in SPLC's study said they were uncertain when it comes to teaching about the current campaign trail.

China, North Korea Fires Back At The Real Bully

Donald Trump was once again the center of controversies for his belief that South Korea and Japan will likely need their own nuclear arsenal for self-defense against North Korea. A North Korean official said Trump's plan will only inspire the country's nuclear ambitions.

"The U.S. tells us to give up our nuclear program, is preparing a nuclear attack against us," Ri Jong Ryul, deputy-director general of Pyongyang's Institute of International Studies, told CNN regarding Donald Trump's comments. "And, on the other hand, would tell its allies to have nuclear weapon. Isn't this (a) double standard?"

Donald Trump also said that if he gets elected as president he would put a 45 percent tariff on goods from China. Chinese Finance Minister Lou Jiwei said Trump's idea is "irrational," adding that the U.S. and China are "mutually dependent on each other" and both countries' economies will experience downfalls if a trade war ensues, CNBC reported.

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