‘Person Of Interest’ Season 5 Spoilers, News & Updates: Root Is In Danger; Machine Suffers From A Glitch

"Person of Interest" Season 5 is only weeks away from its premiere, as the CBS sci-fi drama is headed to its series finale. While Season 5 will be focused on saving the Machine from complete destruction, spoilers hint that Root will find herself in danger. Will she die?

This article contains spoilers. Read on if you want to learn more about this story.

"Person of Interest" Season 5 spoilers hint that the premiere episode will see Root (Amy Acker) fight for her life, as she goes on a battle with Samaritan agents, reports Cinema Blend. Aside from this, Reese and Finch will have to take the necessary steps to save the Machine's source code before it undergoes complete destruction.

"Person of Interest" Season 5 will be premiering with an episode entitled "B.S.O.D.," which is said to stand for "Blue Screen of Death." This can be taken as a hint that Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Finch (Michael Emerson) have not succeeded in saving the Machine from complete deterioration, and instead, they may have to create a new one based on the code.

Fusco (Kevin Chapman) will also find himself being questioned in "Person of Interest" Season 5 Episode 1 after the death of Dominic and Elias during the Season 4 finale. Fans began wondering whether any of the other members will die in the CBS drama's final season on TV.

Meanwhile, "POI" Season 5 spoilers for the forthcoming episode entitled "SNAFU" will see the Machine suffer from a glitch, reports TVLine. A teaser promo for the said episode of "Person of Interest" has already been released.

In the said promo, Reese and Fusco find that the Machine has been giving them numbers of people not involved in crimes while it goes through a system glitch. "Person of Interest" Season 5 spoilers further note that Finch and Root will be locked out, as the Machine will identify them as threats.

"Person of Interest" Season 5 premieres on Tuesday, May 3 on CBS.

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