Going Viral: Artwork Depicting How Parents Verbally Abuse Children And Its Effects

By Kristine Walker, Parent Herald April 24, 06:10 pm

A captivating parenting artwork depicting verbal abuse in children recently went viral in the internet. The powerful sketch, which showed a mother verbally shouting at her crying child, was drawn by artist Jenna Simon.

The Artwork

Simon's powerful parenting sketch was shared more than 300,000 times on Facebook. According to ABC News, Jenna Simon reached the concept after seeing a digital imag that had words surrounding a child's head in an anti-abuse campaign online.

Simon, however, chose the words that had hurt her or had been hurtful to her as a child and added an adult figure in her illustration. Simon also shared that the drawing was of one of the several artworks she made that had help her cope during her battle against an eating disorder.

"I was looking to try to draw something that depicted the fact that just because someone doesn't lay a hand on you, doesn't mean it doesn't hurt," Simon said, as per My Central Oregon. Jenna Simon further explained that a lot of people aren't really aware of the impact their words have on children, leading them to make use of the same words later in life.

In addition, Simon explained her parenting artwork aimed to raise awareness about verbal and psychological abuse, especially among children. According to the talented artist, verbal abuse rarely got attention compared to physical abuse.

"It doesn't get as nearly as much attention than a kid that comes into school beaten and bruised," Simon added. "When you're dealing with an adult, they can cope."

However, things are different when it comes to a child who is getting verbally abused, Jenna Simon argued. Apparently, this makes it difficult for children to have another perspective on the world as they grow older.

The Artist

Jenna Simon is a 28-year-old actress and artist from Princeton, New Jersey. She is fond of creating graphite pencil drawings. Jenna Simon found art as a force when she was admitted to a hospital due to an eating disorder. Her parenting artwork about verbal abuse was reportedly made a few months back, Yahoo! News notes.


Simon's impressive parenting artwork attracted mixed reactions from social media users. She revealed that for every five positive commentaries, there will be two that would be negative.

Simon also believed her parenting artwork stirred up emotions to people who have experienced verbal abuse or who have been guilty of doing the act. As for her future plans, Simon said she'll be using her skills in art to create a therapeutic project to help teens.

Verbal And/Or Psychological Abuse

Verbal and/or psychological abuse of children is widespread and damaging because it interrupts critical development. It is the most prevalent and destructive type of abuse that's affecting more than 22 million families, TC Palm reveals.

So, what do you think about Simon's powerful parenting artwork about verbal abuse? Sound off below and follow Parent Herald for more news and updates.

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