Some young adults confess they are willing to have sex with someone who has an STD

By Camille H, Parent Herald February 18, 10:49 am

A recent study found that 20 percent of young adults are willing to have sex with someone who has an STD.

One in five young adults confessed they would still have sex with someone knowing the other person had an STI. Approximately 19 percent of young adults between the ages of 18 and 30 said knowing their partner had an STI would not prevent them from having sex with them. Thirty-nine percent, meanwhile, claimed they have already had sex at least once with someone suffering from STI.

The researchers looked at 1,231 people, many of whom said they were willing to risk contracting an STI on the basis that they would just face the consequences later on.

As part of their study, the researchers asked the participants if they would have sexual intercourse with someone who they knew had an STI. Nineteen percent of the respondents said yes and a quarter said it would depend which STI in particular they had. However, 57 percent said they would not have sex with that person. Among the participants, approximately 23 percent confessed to have had a form of STI in the past, chlamydia being the most common type of infection.

"Exposing yourself to the risk of contacting an STI is never advisable," the Daily Mail quotes Sarah Bailey of as saying. "Even though condoms can offer a certain level of protection, this isn't the case for some sexually transmitted infections - and certainly shouldn't be put to the test. If you really like a person, wait until their condition is treated properly before venturing into a sexual relationship with them. That way, you can ensure your intimacy is safe from risk of infection."

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