Study: E-Cigarette Ads Entices Teenagers To Engage To The Habit

By Catherine Brown, Parent Herald April 27, 03:03 am

E-cigarette is very popular among smokers and those who wish to quit smoking. They believe that it is healthier than tobacco. According to a new study, e-cigarette ads are among the reasons that make it so popular because it entice teens to use it.

E-cigarettes A Gateway Product To Addictive Smoking

Patricia Folan, director of the Center for Tobacco Control at Northwell Health in Great Neck, N.Y. believes that electronic nicotine devices still have the potential to cause harm. Nicotine addiction can lead to the use of traditional cigarettes. So, she is appealing that e-cigarette ads should be regulated per Medical Xpress.

E-Cigarette Ads Lures Teens To Use It

Folan reviewed the findings from Dr. Tushar Singh's study of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Office on Smoking and Health. The said study cannot prove cause-and-effect. However, the researchers learned that e-cigarette usage among high school students increases from 1.5 percent in 2011 to 13 percent in 2014.

Meanwhile, middle-school kids who use e-cigarettes also rise from 0.6 to almost 4 percent. According to the study, those middle-school kids who frequently saw e-cigarette ads are three times more likely to use the device, compared to kids of the same age who don't see the ads as often as they do.

This supports the report from CDC Vital Signs suggesting that tobacco products convince the youth to use it. E-cigarette used the same theme as that of tobacco ads, which includes independence, rebellion and sex and it has the same effects on the youth.

The unrestricted e-cigarette marketing and the increasing number of youths using it could reverse the decade efforts of preventing tobacco use among youths. Per CBS 58, e-cigarettes ads are available in four media - retail stores, the internet, TV/movie and magazines/newspapers. In 2014, e-cigarettes are the most used tobacco products that it surpasses conventional cigarettes.

"Kids should not use any type of tobacco product, including e-cigarettes," said CDC director Tom Frieden. "Exposure to e-cigarette advertising is associated with youth e-cigarette use - and that is concerning to me as CDC Director, as a doctor, and as a parent."

Do you agree with Frieden's stand that youth should not take any type of tobacco products including e-cigarettes? How do you encourage your children to keep away from smoking? Share your tips and tricks below.

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