10 Things Prince Harry Admitted To Chris Evans: Royal Celebrity Asked If Ed Sheeran Exists, 'Ginge-On-Ginge' Q&A A Revelation

By Zee Mara, Parent Herald April 28, 04:49 am

Prince Harry gave the public an insider's view of his personality when he agreed to do a radio interview at the London Studios with Chris Evans. The radio show, which DJ Chris Evans nicknamed "Ginge-On-Ginge" in reference to their shared hair color, got Prince Harry to candidly admit a few things about himself.

The Daily Mail reports that Prince Harry spoke on Chris Evans' show as part of the rounds on his public engagements to support the 2016 Invictus Games. A war veteran himself, the Invictus Games is an event that Prince Harry holds close to his heart.

Prince Harry caused a stir when he used the A-word as he spoke to Chris Evans about the participants of the Invictus Games. "'These guys want to be able to serve their country again, put the Union Jack on their left breast again and kick the a*** out of life," Prince Harry said.

Besides the depth of his passion for the Invictus Games, Prince Harry revealed a few other things in his conversation with Chris Evans. On his end, Chris Evans asked Prince Harry to choose (quickly) between the choices he gave.

1. Cats Or Dogs? Prince Harry chose dogs over cats.

2. Football Or Cricket? The royal family celebrity admitted this was a tough choice to make. Prince Harry chose football eventually.

3. Rugby Or Football? This was an easy choice for Prince Harry to make, as he gave rugby his hundred percent props.

4. Motorbikes Or Cars? The daredevil in Prince Harry came through with this one as the royal admitted to fondness for motorbikes.

5. Adele Or Ed Sheeran? Prince Harry may have revealed how updated he is with pop culture.

"Well, does Ed Sheeran exist?" Prince Harry asked. Interestingly Prince Harry had been likened to Ed Sheeran by "Suicide Squad" actress Margot Robbie. Prince Harry and Margot Robbie met by chance at a housewarming party earlier this year.

6.Chinese Or Curry? <"I've got to say Chinese - I love Chinese," Prince Harry enthused.

7. "Bake Off" Or "Strictly Come Dancing"? Prince Harry bravely chose "Strictly Come Dancing." "Strictly - I'm going to get judged for that," Prince Harry predicted.

8. Comedians: Ant Or Dec? This was a tough choice for Prince Harry, who diplomatically chose both at first.

However, Chris Evans was not about to accept a safe answer and asked Prince Harry to choose between Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly. "I've been in the middle, between the two of them... Ok, Ant," Prince Harry said.

9. Peanuts Or Crisps? According to Prince Harry, he'd take crisps (or chips in the US) over peanuts.

10. Flip-flops Or Sandals? Interestingly, Prince Harry told Chris Evans that he preffered the more humble and easy-going flip-flops.

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