Nutrition For Children: Restaurants Making Healthy Food Appetizing For Kids

A restaurant in Orange County is making healthy eating appetizing for kids with its creative menu, the Orange County Register reported. Bean Sprouts Café had replaced Taco Bell at the Discovery Cube Orange County last year. It follows the footsteps of Disney World and McDonald's who have made strides towards healthy eating for kids.

According to Bean Sprouts Café website, their menu caters to several diets. These are vegetarian and vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, casein-free, nut-free and egg-free diets.

"It's nice for us not to have to bring their lunch and it's nice for them to choose their own lunch and try something new," said Keri Marshall, as per The Orange County Register. Marshall had recently visited Bean Sprouts Café and ordered sandwiches for her daughters.

A Different Kind Of Menu 

The Orange County Register reported that Bean Sprouts Café features a low counter allows kids to select from a visual menu that is creatively presented. These includes a roasted turkey sandwich shaped like a flower and an avocado hummus dip with raw carrots and crocodile-shaped zucchini.

According to the restaurant's menu, these dishes are called Imaginibbles. The roasted turkey sandwich is called Whoopsie Daisy while the avocado dish is called Crocamole.

Also part of the menu are Organic Pepperoni and Roasted Veggies Pizza. Drinks include Organic Tea and Organic Coffee.

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Disney World And McDonald's Present Healthier Options

A previous study found that around half of Disney World restaurants customers chose to keep the healthier option when meals came with fruit or vegetables as opposed to French fries, according to the Food & Brand Lab at Cornell University. The study was published earlier this year in the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research.

McDonald's changed its Happy Meal composition four years ago, The Orange County Register said. McDonald was said to have decreased the fries and added fruit, while estimating that the change would mean around 49 billion calories less for kids annually.

How do you make healthy food appetizing for kids? Share your own tips and write your comments below.

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