Doctor Strange Rumors: Possible Villians Named; Eye Of Agamotto An Infinity Stone?

Rumors about cast and characters for the first marvel movie "Doctor Strange" have been swirling around since it was announced by the producers. Just recently, new character names have surfaced in the news and the Eye of Agamotto is said to be one of the infinity stones that can control time. Mads Mikkelsen, who was confirmed as one of the cast that will play an antagonist character in "Doctor Strange" film could be playing someone who is also powerful that could bend reality.

It has been reportedly said that Mikkelsen's character is a sorcerer who separated from his own sect from the Ancient One. That somehow narrowed down the possible names of the villain character who will fight off Doctor Strange.

Possible Villain

According to Collider, Mikkelsen could be playing as Nightmare who is described as someone who has the ability to enter dream dimensions and torture his victims. In the same report, it was shown on a comic book cover that he existed as one of Doctor Strange's enemies in "Strange Tales #110".

Another possible villain character that will fit Mikkelsen is Xandu. One of the powerful rogue sorcerer that can give headaches to Doctor Strange big time. He is considered to be Doctor Strange's rival in acquiring the mystical artifact called the wicked wand of Watoomb.

Either of the two possible characters that will be portrayed by Mikkelsen will still have the same purpose in the film. That is to provide more action and excitement in the "Doctor Strange" film.

Infinity Stone

In another related report from Forbes, Doctor Strange's incredible power is sourcing from an artifact called the Eye of Agamotto. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there existed six infinity stones where the four was already revealed called the Tesseract, the Aether, the Mind stone, and the Orb. Two more are yet to be unveiled and rumors say that one is the Time stone which is worn by Doctor Strange in the movie.

Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange or commonly known as Doctor Strange in Marvel comics is a neurosurgeon who had his life changed because of a car accident. While finding a cure for his troubled hands that can no longer perform his profession, he met the Ancient one who will teach him magical powers.

"Doctor strange" will hit the big screen on Nov. 4 this year in North America.

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