Here's Why Shared Parenting Still Works Best For Divorced Couples With Young Children

By Belle Smith, Parent Herald May 02, 04:00 am

Getting a divorce usually takes a toll on both the parents and their children, but one of the hardest part of a separation is deciding on who will get custody of the kids. Although most people would rather not share custody with their ex, shared parenting actually has several benefits that would work for separated couples as well as their child.

Are you considering sharing custody of your kids with your former partner? In honor of International Parental Alienation Awareness Day last April 25 (via Daily O), here are some of the benefits of shared parenting to both divorced couples and their children.

Kids Can Still Keep In Touch With Both Parents

You may no longer be together, but your child might still want to remain close to both parents. Although it will not be easy to ship the child back and forth between his mother and father, most kids are happy to make an effort as long as it would mean that they would be able to continue seeing both parents.

A Child's Bond With Both Parents Remains Strong

Getting a divorce doesn't necessarily mean that your child also has to cut ties with your ex. Some children might want to maintain a relationship with both mom and dad. Shared parenting will allow your child to have an easy access to both parents even if you are no longer living under the same roof.

The Parents Can Both Participate In Decisions About The Child's Welfare

You might be able to make decisions on your own, but your child might still want the support of both parents in several different things like deciding on a pair of shoes or which college to attend. With shared parenting, you can both help your child in making certain decisions that will eventually help them later in life.

It is best to remember that shared parenting is not an ideal option for some couples, but if you think that it could work for you, your ex and the children, it is definitely a decision your kids could appreciate in the future. 

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