Twitter News And Update: Social Media Giant Makes Following Accounts Easier With New Connect Tab

Tweet about this: Twitter has a new Connect tab. In an age when people are more connected than ever, Twitter makes it easier for its users to track anyone on the Web before that Follow button is checked. 

In the Twitter blog, a post bares all about the new Connect tab. The latest feature will develop a connection first to the user by looking at the people he/she follows, popular accounts near his/her area, tweets he/she liked, etc. In other words, the Connect tab will stalk the user first in order to tell him/her who to stalk in return.

A rundown of who to follow will be available with the app, a feature that's not really new but with this upgrade, details about the accounts will be provided too. There's no need to check the accounts one by one because with the new Connect tab, the user will more or less have an idea if the person is someone who piques his/her interest and worthy to allot time for. The app also accesses the user's Phonebook and makes it in sync with his/her Twitter account. If there's a friend who just recently came out from the cave and finally decided to join the tweeting lot, the user will be notified too. 

For now, this is available for iOS and Android users who must update their Twitter apps to enjoy the new Connect tab. Product Manager, Ricardo Castro writes in the blog post, "We're thrilled to get this new feature into your hands and help you connect with even more people that are relevant to you." 

Recently, Twitter has been introducing new modifications such as replacing its Favorite star button into a Heart icon. The new changes come in light of news that Twitter's revenue is going down and its user count continues to lag behind Facebook since last year, the Business Standard reports. According to Yahoo Finance, its first quarter revenue is lower than what analysts expected, from the predicted $607.8 million to the actual $594.5 million.

Expect Twitter to further upgrade its features in the coming months. Are you a Twitter addict? What changes do you want to see on the site aside from the new Connect tab? Share those thoughts below in our Comments section! 


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