Find Out Why Mumps Vaccination Did Not Protect Harvard Students From The Virus

By Sno-Ann Digon, Parent Herald May 05, 12:01 am

Is mumps vaccination no longer effective? Many are wondering why despite Harvard students having been vaccinated, they still suffered from the mumps outbreak. Experts said close living spaces that students unfortunately enjoy in college dormitories may be the culprit.

Huffington Post said that even if a person has been vaccinated, he is still susceptible to the mumps virus if he is staying in close living spaces such as those in Harvard college dormitories. While this may not sit well with many, considering that vaccination is supposed to protect individuals from diseases, an explanation was given by experts.

Mumps Vaccination Protect Low Level Exposure

According to an infectious-disease specialist, Dr. Amesh Adalja, mumps vaccination may be sufficient to protect vaccinated individuals from low level exposure to the virus. However, if one is exposed to high-levels of the virus, vaccination may not be enough.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explained that mumps spread through mucus or saliva that comes from either the mouth, nose or throat. When infected persons cough, sneeze or talk, it is possible for the other person to contract the virus. Other instances where virus may be contracted is by sharing items or touching objects that were previously used by infected persons.

Closed Living Space To Blame

If this is the case, then it might indeed be a good reason why Harvard mumps outbreak occurred despite students' vaccination. More than 40 people have already contracted the mumps virus at Harvard University. The number of infected persons keeps growing driving fear into the hearts of students and staff.

Mumps infections are uncommon in the U.S. However, CDC said that while the virus may not easily spread amidst the general populace, those living in close quarters are prone to the virus. So even with vaccination, living in closed spaces makes the person at risk to contracting the mumps virus due to a high level of exposure to the virus.

If the Harvard mumps outbreak is not arrested, it can be expected that more Harvard students and staff will contract the virus. So long as students live in college dorms, they are at risk of becoming a victim to the Harvard mumps outbreak.

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