Caffeine In Coffee Can Cure Baldness, Research Suggested

Many home remedies and commercial shampoos claim to prevent and reverse baldness with promising results. With all their advertisements, why are there still a lot of men looking for alternatives to cure baldness? Now a new study suggests that caffeine can actually help human baldness.

As explained by experts, one proven cause of baldness or thinning of hair is the high testosterone levels in men. According to Wall Street Journal, a study in 2014 has revealed that caffeine has a potent effect in growing hairs but in a controlled condition.

Power of Caffeine

The research study that was published in the British Journal of Dermatology has revealed that a concentrated amount of caffeine has reversed the effects of testosterone to the hair follicle that was extracted from the male subjects. Caffeine has stimulated the growth of the hair and maintained its growing process. But in the same report, the researchers also said that in the earlier phase of their study, they found out that "higher" concentrations of caffeine can restrain the hair growth instead of progressing it.

Further Research Needed

Dr. Ingrid Roseborough, a clinical instructor at the department of dermatology at the University of California, who is not part of the study, said that one problem of the researchers is to know how much or how less exactly is the needed amount of caffeine to promote hair growth. It's hard to predict according to Dr. Roseborough when it comes to human application.

The laboratory tests of caffeine for hair seems to be very effective but for Tina Alster, clinical professor of dermatology at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., said that they were not able to reach the peak of the study and it still needs further research to achieve the desired effect in human application.

Almost every year, a new product to reverse hair loss comes out posted in magazines and shown in TV ads but it seems that there is still no ultimate discovery to treat this problem.

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