Baby Feeding Tips: 5 Solid Foods To Keep Away From Your Baby

By Daniel Joseph, Parent Herald May 06, 07:00 am

When your baby reaches 4 to 6-months-old, it is a good time to start weaning her off a breast milk-only diet and introduce solid food. However, there are some solid foods to keep away from your baby in order to protect her health.

1. Honey

Honey is one of the solid foods to keep away from your baby. This food might contain botulism spores that a baby's intestinal tract will not be able to handle.

2. Peanut Butter

Some studies show that introducing peanut butter to babies might probably help in preventing allergies to nuts. However, there is a problem with the texture of peanut butter.

"The sticky and thick consistency of peanut butter can make it hard for an infant to swallow," Modern Mom suggests. Many doctors recommended keeping babies away from food with nuts until they reach the age of 1.

3. Cow's Milk

Cow milk's protein content cannot be properly digested by an infant's digestive system. Introducing solid food to your baby does not mean that she does not need your breast milk anymore.

4. Salty Food

"Added salt in baby food may lead to a series of health issues including high blood pressure and kidney failure," Wholesome Baby Food explained. Parents should never give their babies food with preservatives, spices and seasonings. They should also keep their babies away from processed meat such as hot dogs and sausages.

5. Food That Can Cause Choking

Foods that can cause choking are also solid foods to keep away from your baby. Babies might get choked on food like nuts, popcorn, candies and raisins. When serving meat, fruits and veggies to babies, parents should make sure that these foods are properly cut and diced to avoid choking.

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