7 Ways To Wake Yourself Up In The Morning Without Drinking Coffee, Scientists Suggest

By Beatrice Walters, Parent Herald May 07, 06:48 am

You came from a night out and arrived home at 3 a.m. or you had an all-nighter from finishing a term paper and only took a nap for thirty minutes. You try to get up, only to hug your pillow tighter and close your eyes for one more minute. But then you get that call from your boss or classmate and you just have to bid your bed goodbye. You hate coffee but you have to wake up your senses. What do you do now?

Daily Mail reported an AsapSCIENCE new video that got your morning mood covered with 7 ways scientists have found to be effective alarm clocks. And for non-caffeine lovers, the list doesn't include drinking coffee.

1. Expose yourself to light.

Open up the curtains to let sunlight creep into your room or you can go outside your balcony or garden to let it directly shine onto you. If you woke up too early before sunrise, Daily Mail suggests setting up an illuminating alarm clock.

Gizmodo reviewed one of these so-called light-up alarms and the writer claims that it changed his life. 30 minutes before the beeper sounds, the light-up alarm will already illuminate the bedroom, starting first with a dim light before it emits an artificial sunlight. The owner would feel like it's already early afternoon in the room when in fact, the sun hasn't risen yet outside.

2. End a morning shower with a dipper of cold water.

An article in Lifehacks says that when you pour water into your body, your breathing deepens and your heart rate increases. This causes smooth blood flow that will alert your senses and boost your energy throughout the day.

3. Hydrate.

When you sleep, your body is dehydrated because you just had six to eight hours of not drinking anything. A Life of Productivity article says that the brain tissue is 75% water and if it is dehydrated, your body would feel tired or drained. Drinking water would instantly energize your brain.

4. Eat a healthy, high-fiber, low-fat breakfast.

The AsapSCIENCE Video says that food high in sugar such as a donut will cause short-term alertness and those high in fat will encourage eating a lot during the day. It recommends high-fiber food and complex carbohydrates because it helps increase cognitive function in the morning and throughout the day.

Shape recommends salmon, eggs, beans, leafy greens, walnuts, cereals and dark chocolate because these are high in Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin B, calcium and cacao that energizes the body.

5. Drink a glass of orange juice.

According to Shape, citrus fruits make the body alert, even with just the smell of it. The AsapScience video says that orange juice has flavonoids, like other citrus fruits, and its proven to increase alertness and boost energy.

6. Exercise or do any physical activity.

Scott H. Young recommends morning exercise because it pumps the heart. It starts up your day actively and would easily snap you out frim falling asleep again.

7. Listen to music.  
Lastly, Daily Mail reports, pertaining to the video, that music causes a person's pupils to dilate and increase blood pressure that arouses the body. It also increases brain activity and brings out positive feelings by releasing dopamine.

There you have it! With the proper diet, morning rituals and discipline, it's easy to wake up energized from a night-long slumber. Bookmark this page and follow the 7 ways religiously. Then, feel free to comment below how everything will go!

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