Aliens EXIST?! Conspiracy Theorists Accuse NASA, Global Elite Of Hiding Extraterrestrial Life Evidence After Space Agency Hints ‘Indications Of Life Beyond Earth’

Aliens exist! But the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the global leaders are reportedly hiding the evidence from the public. Well, that's just what leading extraterrestrial conspiracy theorists are claiming.

NASA Hints Possibility That Aliens Exist

The accusations of the conspiracy theorists came after NASA chief scientist Ellen Stofan hinted the possibility of alien life existence. Stofan also said the signs of extraterrestrial life would likely be acquired within the next decade.

"I think we're going to have strong indications of life beyond Earth within a decade," Stofan said, as per Daily Express. "I think we're going to have definitive evidence within 20 to 30 years."

"We're on the verge of things that people have wondered about for millennia," Stofan continued. "Within all of our lifetimes we're going to understand that there is life on other bodies in the solar system. We're going to understand the implications of that for life here on Earth."

NASA vs. Conspiracy Theorists

Conspiracy theorists, however, took Stofan's comments as an abstruse code for a looming disclosure. They even believed NASA and the world's elite have been concealing the existence of aliens from humanity for years.

In the website,, the conspiracy community claimed NASA's recent "open admission" regarding the indications of alien life was reportedly the start to get attention before the alleged full disclosure. The conspiracy theorists added the government has been lying extraterrestrial life existence.

"What we're going to understand is that our 'secret' government has been hiding this fact for ages," the website claimed. "Our shadow government has been lying about off-planet corporate slavery rings, alien abductions and benevolent beings who can only do so much until our collective consciousness elevates, and much, much more."

The group also added the imminent disclosure will expose alien visits to Earth as well as information on the different extraterrestrial races tampering with human DNAs over the millennia. In addition, ancient humanoid races that are over 10 million years old will also be unveiled.

Alien Conspiracy Theories Just Myths

Conspiracy theorists also claimed that a "global elite," which consists of people that are more senior than the U.S. President, have been hiding alien proofs from the public for years. The reason? They were reportedly worried about alien life's potential impact on religion, the rule of law and civil disorder.

Sceptics, however, slammed the claims saying most if not all of these conspiracies are just myths that started in science fiction novels and films and were incessantly repeated online.

NASA Covering Up Alien Life Evidence

Meanwhile, this wasn't the first time that conspiracy theorists accused NASA of concealing proof of alien life. According to, ET conspiracy theorists claimed they saw a UFO orbiting the sun in the photo taken by European Space Agency's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory.

The publication also noted that NASA defending themselves against conspiracy theorists, especially after an ISS live feed suddenly went down. UFO enthusiasts were convinced the agency were trying to cover up a U-shaped object floating through the sky.

Alien Humanoid In Mars

In other related news, a YouTube video reportedly showed possible blue water lake and alien humanoid in Mars. The photos were allegedly from NASA, Clapway reports. However, the picture of the alien humanoid was blurry.

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