'Pokemon Z' Release Date, News & Update: Video Game To Be Released Next Year? New Legendary Pokemon To Be Main Character!

Fans of Pokemon has been waiting for any news about the rumored "Pokemon Z" game, which is a follow-up game to the highly successful "Pokemon X and Y" game in the past. Although there have been numerous rumors about "Pokemon Z" such as its release date, which was speculated to be this year, it is highly unlikely that this might be true after all The Pokemon Company is very busy with their highly anticipated "Pokemon Go" mobile gaming app.

But now, rumors have resurfaced again surrounding "Pokemon Z" and its release date, according to the rumors "Pokemon Z" could possibly be coming next year, in 2017. The Pokemon Company has not yet confirmed these rumors, but it could possibly be so, others believe that "Pokemon Z" will not be happening; instead the game title has been replaced by the highly awaited "Pokemon Moon and Sun".

In "Pokemon Z" the main character of which the story of the game will revolve around is the legendary Pokemon, Zygrade and according to the leaked information, the Pokemon will assume various forms that are different from Kyurem, Giratina and Hoopa. The Pokemon will also have five different forms that will represent the Pokemon's power level.

"Pokemon Z" will show Zygrade as a green blob on the first level of the game and is called "Zygrade core", the 2nd level of "Pokemon Z", Zygrade will evolve into a flat form called "Zygarade Cell" and at 10 percent power will appear in a form of a dog. When Zygrade will be at 50 percent power it will take on the form of a snake and on its last power level will evolve into something more powerful than legendary Pokemons, Xerneas and Yveltal.

No confirmed date yet as to when "Pokemon Z" will be released or whether it is under production already.


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