‘NCIS’ Season 13 Spoilers, News & Updates: Sean Murray Hints On McGee And Delilah’s Future; Tony’s Father Dies?

"NCIS" Season 13 is down to its last episode with Tony DiNozzo in it, as Michael Weatherly has announced his departure from the CBS drama. While fans are already having a hard time bidding his character farewell, Sean Murray hints on a brighter future for McGee and Delilah.

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"NCIS" Season 13 will be Michael Weatherly's last time playing the role of Tony DiNozzo. In January, Weatherly confirmed that he will be leaving the series after starring in it for 13 years.

It still remains unclear, however, how Weatherly's character will be written off in "NCIS" Season 13. According to She Knows, there are rumors that Tony will die, but Weatherly recently shared some cryptic hints, which seemingly point out to Anthony DiNozzo Sr.'s death instead.

"Part of him dies," said Weatherly. "I do know that there is death ... sudden death."

This puzzled a lot of fans and viewers since Weatherly has made it clear that he is still open to returning to the forthcoming episodes of "NCIS." This led to speculations that Tony's father, Anthony DiNozzo Sr. (Robert Wagner) may die, which will pave the way for Tony's exit in Season 13.

The "NCIS" Season 13 finale is also aptly titled "Family First," which seemingly confirms that Tony's decision has something to do with his family. Actor Sean Murray also shared in an interview with Parade.com possible stories for his character, McGee.

Tony and McGee is an interesting pair on "NCIS" and their playful and friendly banters are always something fans look forward to. Murray explored the possibility that McGee and Delilah will take their relationship to the next level.

"Everyone else has got pretty screwed up relationships, but McGee has found his thing," he said. "I have my own story there as far as that progression with Delilah and the relationship, but I'm hoping we see a lot more of that."

"NCIS" Season 13 finale episode titled "Family First" airs on May 17 on CBS.

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