More Recovery High Schools Are Popping Up In The US To Help Students Stay Sober From Drugs And Graduate

By Samantha Finch, Parent Herald May 12, 06:51 am

Substance abuse is a common and prevalent problem for teenagers. Treatments and therapies have helped these teens recover from their addiction problems and finish their studies.

For 10 years, the charter school Hope Academy in Indianapolis is aiding teenagers battle their drug addiction. The school, which is located out of the state's Fairbanks Addiction Treatment Center, offers services that help teens recover from their struggles, the Atlantic reported.

Supportive Environment

Hope Academy's English, math and arts classes co-exist with regular drug testing for students. It also promotes close relationships between pupils and teachers.

Hope Academy belongs to the 30 recovery high schools existing in the U.S., which all have a distinctive approach when it comes to tackling substance abuse. Going back to school can be difficult and challenging for teenagers recovering from substance addiction, and recovery high schools are doing all they can to ensure that there's a supportive environment that will welcome adolescents.

According to the Atlantic, Hope Academy is a free and publicly funded institution. Recovery schools are usually private and charge tuition fees, which mean only affluent teenagers can afford to enroll in them. That situation, however, is changing. Andy Finch, a Vanderbilt University researcher, said some recovery high schools are now catering to needy teenagers who have limited or no insurance.

Hope Academy's Programs

Hope Academy spends $23,000 per student, an amount obtained from the state, support services and the per-student funds given to charter schools. Grants and philanthropists also help fund the recovery school.

One of Hope Academy's programs for teenagers is the STARR room, a therapeutic setting that allows students to do their academic duties in the morning with their afternoons dedicated to art projects and talking about their road to recovery with educators. Pupils will spend three weeks in the STARR room before they join traditional classes.

Adolescents aged 12 to 17 usually grapple with alcohol abuse more than any other harmful substances, HBO wrote. Aside from alcohol, many teens also use marijuana, inhalants and prescription drugs like sedatives, stimulants, pain relievers and tranquilizers.

School For Addict Teenagers Closing

A high school in Wisconsin dedicated to teenagers battling drug and alcohol addiction is on the verge of closing. Horizon High School in Madison is facing its end due to financial issues.

School Board President Michael Christopher said the school will have a $10,500 deficit per month in the coming school year, reported. The school, which doesn't follow usual school hours, was backed by other school districts in the past. That support, however, declined as time passed.

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