Concussion triggers artistic talent in woman

By Camille H, Parent Herald March 24, 12:24 pm

Concussions have been linked to depression and dementia, but less so to hidden talents like, say, drawing.

Pip Taylor, 49, always enjoyed art in school but was advised by her teachers to not pursue it because she lacked talent.

However, after a serious concussion from falling down the stairs, her sketches have awarded her local fame and even commissions.

"It is just extraordinary and quite strange really. I have always loved drawing and had hopes of becoming an artist as a teenager but I was never any good. I used to draw cartoons and the only thing I could really manage was Snoopy," Taylor told the Daily Mail.

Taylor's accident, which took place in May 2012, resulted in serious bruising in her brain.

She was resting at home when she picked up a piece of paper and a pencil and began to draw.

"I started doodling but something felt different. It was more natural and I was amazed at the images I could draw. It is a talent I developed overnight. My sister jokes that she wants a bang on the head so she can wake up with a talent," Taylor shared.

Taylor is unable to draw images created from her own imagination, but she can copy images, objects and photographs perfectly.

She shared that she now works hard to keep the talent, afraid that it could vanish as quickly as it appeared.

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