Marijuana News & Update: Marijuana Use Can Result In Pre-Term Birth and Small Babies

By Nicole Earll, Parent Herald May 13, 01:01 pm

Taking good care of yourself during your pregnancy, particularly in the first trimester, is a must to ensure that your baby is also healthy. There are many factors that could affect pregnancy and one of which is recent findings on marijuana consumption causing pre-term birth.

A study conducted by the University of Adelaide found that mothers who use marijuana during their pregnancy are five times at risk of premature or pre-term birth. The research involved some 5,500 expectant mothers from Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland and New Zealand. Over 5.5 percent of whom admitted they consumed pot during the first 20 weeks of their pregnancy, reported.

Should You Abstain?

The report said there is also no medical evidence that would support the claims that marijuana can help ease nausea during pregnancy. According to the study's main author, Professor Claire Roberts, marijuana consumption is now a "major public health concern" among mothers and their babies, especially that it is the first time it has been directly linked to pre-term risk. The study was not able to establish whether there was a safe period to consume cannabis before the pregnancy, and so Prof. Roberts recommends that mothers should totally abstain from marijuana.

Do Doctors Agree?

A report from Fox21, meanwhile, noted that doctors differ on the issue given the lack of research and evidence on the short-term or long-term dangers of using cannabis during pregnancy. Others say that the child is likely to be affected later in life in terms of cognitive and mental development. Some believe that the benefits of cannabis consumption among pregnant women can outweigh the risks it poses to the mother and child, such as when their lives are in danger during delivery. But neurologist Dr. Malik Hasan said that medical marijuana should be consumed in moderation.


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