FDA: 'Healthy' Labels On Food Products Need To Be Redefined

By Belle Smith, Parent Herald May 13, 05:50 am

It might be time to reconsider whether you can trust any food product that has the term "healthy" on its label. After a year-long battle with KIND granola bar, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has decided to reevaluate the "healthy" description for every food product.

The "Healthy" Announcement

FDA announced their decision to rethink "healthy" in a statement on their website. In addition to that, the agency aims to ask the masses for their help by getting "public comment on these issues."

But when will the new regulations be released? An FDA spokesperson recently spoke to Gizmodo about the decision to rethink "healthy" for the agency, although it was unclear as to when the new regulations will be released. "There is no timeline right now," the spokesperson said.

This doesn't mean that the current "healthy" regulation no longer stands. The FDA spokesperson added that food manufacturers must still abide by their current regulations in the meantime. "The FDA expects companies to continue to meet the current requirements for nutrient content claims that include the term 'healthy,'" the spokesperson stated.

What Is "Healthy?"

The definition should be as simple as "being good for the body." FDA has already established a clear definition of "healthy" as any food product that is within the boundaries of the agency's dietary recommendations. This means the food product has the right amount of total fats and saturated fats to be considered "healthy."


Last year, KIND granola bars were subject to FDA's investigation for the "healthy and tasty" label emblazoned on their product. The agency found that KIND bars might not necessarily be fit to be labeled "healthy" due to the amount of sweeteners in the product. In response, the KIND bar manufacturer insisted that the "healthy and tasty" label was more of a "corporate philosophy" rather than stating the product's nutritional value.

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