Tom Cruise 2016: Victoria & David Beckham Fighting Over 'Mission Impossible' Star & Scientology

David Beckham was reportedly asked by his wife Victoria to stay away from Tom Cruise. Scientology and Cruise allegedly have become big issues between Victoria and David Beckham in their marriage.

Gossip Cop cites OK! magazine's report that Victoria and David Beckham have had many arguments between them over the "Mission Impossible" star and Scientology. Allegedly Cruise and his religious beliefs have been adding to the marital strain between Victoria and David Beckham.

Not only does Victoria object to Cruise being friends with David Beckham. The former Spice Girls member allegedly is concerned about how Cruise persists in foisting Scientology onto her and David Beckham.

Honoured to join my good friend Caroline @chopard for #cannes2016 this evening x vb — Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham) May 11, 2016

Victoria supposedly was alarmed when Cruise allegedly advised David Beckham and this wife that their son Romeo's epilepsy does not need medical treatment. Instead, David Beckham and Victoria could rely on Scientology to make Romeo better.

Supposedly, Victoria worried about the amount of influence the Scientology celebrity has over David Beckham. So much so that Romeo's health may allegedly be in danger if David Beckham followed Cruise Scientology practice.

I loved seeing my fans at the Japanese Premiere and I'm thrilled to share Mission: Impossible with you. #MIJP

— Tom Cruise (@TomCruise) August 3, 2015

"David understands Tom overstepped regarding Romeo, but he believes it's in the past," an alleged source supposedly told OK! magazine. "He likes Tom and wishes Victoria would move on."

Entertainment Tonight reports that David Beckham and Cruise are quite close. The "Jack Reacher" actor and David Beckham used to go out for late night motorcycle rides when the football icon and his family lived in Southern California.

Gossip Cop refutes the claims over Victoria and David Beckham fighting about Tom Cruise. A source exclusive to the media outlet and close to the Beckhams confirmed that the allegations are false.

Victoria and David Beckham are not having marraiage troubles over Cruise. Neither has David Beckham been asked by Victoria to drop his friendship with Tom Cruise because of Scientology.

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