Google tool allows users to compare foods' nutritional facts

By Camille H, Parent Herald March 27, 04:16 pm

Google is offering all of its users a new tool to compare different foods based on their nutritional facts.

By typing phrases like "cherry vs. plum" into Google's search box, users will be presented with an infographic comparing the foods' nutritional value, according to the Medical Daily.

Google Communications Manager Krisztina Radosavljevic Szilagyi told Medical Daily that the new Google tool makes use of information from the U.S Department of Agriculture and other databases and was installed after the success of Google's original nutrition tool released last May.

In a separate interview with the NPR, Szilagyi said: "We noticed that people are doing a lot of food and nutritional searches - multi-step searches on one food and another food. These things are often compared to one another, so we thought, why don't we make it easy?"

She added that Google's algorithm makes it possible for users to receive the most useful answers to various questions typed in the search box.

"There are plenty more complicated food, recipe and nutrition questions to help people answer. We want to give as many answers to as many complicated questions as possible," she added.

The new Google tool also works in conjunction with Wikipedia and IMDB facts to compare various information.

A second tool is now being created by Google that is aimed at helping users have more access to menus from various restaurants in the United States. So far, 75 percent of menus in the country can already be accessed through Google.

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