‘Steven Universe’ Ending After Season 5? Rebecca Sugar Teases ‘Big Plans’ And More On Gem Hierarchy [Spoilers]

By Bernadette Waldorf, Parent Herald May 17, 03:25 am

"Steven Universe" Season 3 recently returned to Cartoon Network with its four-week event titled "In Too Deep." While the CN series has been renewed for Season 5, series creator Rebecca Sugar discusses the show's possible endgame and reveals what else is in store for Steven, Peridot and the rest of the Gems.

This article contains spoilers. Read on if you want to learn more about this story.

"Steven Universe" has been renewed for Season 5, but there is also the possibility that it will serve as the series finale. In a recent interview with series creator Rebecca Sugar and writer Lamar Abrams with Newsarama, they talked about a possible endgame for the show.

"I have big plans for that season!" said Sugar. "Endgame or not I'm shooting for the moon, I'm going to write us into a serious corner!"

Abrams, on the other hand, shared that whether or not "Steven Universe" will be ending in Season 5, he is willing to draw for the series as long as Sugar wants him on board. It still remains to be seen, however, whether the show will come to an end since Season 5 is still a long way to go.

Meanwhile, Sugar and Abrams also teased that "Steven Universe" Season 3 will see more of the Gem hierarchy. Sugar hinted that the Gem society will be explained further to viewers through the characters on Earth.

Sugar also addressed the possibility of expanding the world of "Steven Universe" to other forms of media during an interview with Los Angeles Times. According to the series creator, everyone is excited to explore other platforms for the show.

She also discussed the future of "Steven Universe," including the possibility of doing a full album since the Cartoon Network series has already guest spots from Nicki Minaj, Patti Lupone and Aimee Mann. She said that action figures are also on her wish list.

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