Donald Trump News: Business Mogul's Ex-GF Defends Him Against Offensive Accusations

By Nens Mitchell, Parent Herald May 17, 06:25 pm

An ex-girlfriend of Donald Trump has surfaced to refute the claims that an article made about her relationship with the Republican presidential candidate. The woman claimed that the publication changed her words and portrayed a different Trump in the article. said Rowenna Brewer Lane denied that she alleged Trump of offending her during their relationship with his romantic advances. The New York Times article entitled Crossing the Line details a 1990 encounter which reportedly offended Brewer.

"I'm extremely upset. Basically, they lied to me," Brewer Lane was quoted by the same report as saying. She said that the publication promised her that the article will not be a hit piece but turned out otherwise.

First meeting

According to the New York Times piece, Trump asked the former model to put on a bikini during their first meeting in Florida. "He took me into a room and opened drawers and asked me to put on a swimsuit," Brewer Lane said as per the article.

It added that when Brewer came out of the pool, the business mogul told her that she was indeed a stunning Trump girl. The article said it was an offending encounter for Brewer, which she immediately denied.

CBS News said Brewer Lane was interviewed on Fox and Friends Monday to deny the alleged embarrassing experience. "I did not have a negative experience with Donald Trump," she added noting that she did not appreciate the publication's effort to make it look like she had a bad experience with him. 

Complete gentleman

She dated Trump for a few months but Brewer Lane said there she never experienced a demeaning situation when he was with him. On the other hand, she said he was gracious and a complete gentleman.

Brewer Lane also said that the presidential aspirant dealt well with a lot of people especially women. She noted that he was generous, kind and a complete gentleman.

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