Stuck In The Past? Demand For Exorcisms In Idaho Continues To Rise Amidst Economic Boom, Population Growth

By John Drowne, Parent Herald May 18, 05:30 am

Amidst economic boom and population growth, Idaho seems stuck in the past. An expert said that the demand for exorcisms, which are only common in Third World countries, continues to rise in one of the largest and highly industrialized states in the U.S.

The Rising Demand For Exorcisms In Idaho

Jeff Mason, a self-proclaimed exorcism expert and founder of Apparitions Paranormal Investigations, told The Denver Channel that his company has been increasingly receiving calls for exorcisms in Idaho. After witnessing and attending to several cases, Mason said that he is convinced that there is a demonic reason behind the rising demand for exorcisms in the industrialized state.

"Many times we get calls because people are having activity in their homes or businesses. We actually had the entity identify itself as a demon attached to a resident of one exorcism," Mason explained.

According to pastor Mike Freeman, exorcism is a reality or a part of life for many people, particularly those who are coming from or living in Third World countries. But the rising demand for exorcisms in Idaho is a bit odd considering that it is an industrialized state.

Rising Demand For Exorcisms Is Another Proof Of Idaho's 'Backwards' Religious Beliefs

The Inquisitr reports that the rising demand for exorcisms in Idaho seems to imply that the industrialized state is stuck in the past with its religious beliefs. This is not the first time that Idaho made headlines for its "backwards" religious practices.

Early this year, Idaho created controversial faith healing laws, which could be applied when exorcism goes wrong. Under the notorious laws, parents and religious leaders could not be prosecuted if faith healing practices result to death.

Some religious leaders in Idaho considered physical ailments as a symptom of spiritual malady. According to some reports, this belief of religious leaders has resulted to the death of many children because some parents opted for faith healing instead of medical treatments.

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