[VIDEO] Look What This Daddy Did To Stop Her Baby Crying.So Sweet!

By Jonnalyn Carter, Parent Herald May 18, 04:04 pm

They say a father will do everything for their child and this is what this dad proved. As his baby is crying non-stop, a father decided to climb in the crib and join her kid.

It looks like the baby only needs a little company or she just really missed her dad. In the moment the guy lay down in the child's crib, she stops crying.

The father pretends to be asleep then the baby starts to lie on his chest and hugs him. However, the kid won't let his dad get out of crib anymore.

Every time he tries to move the baby awakes. It looks the little girl is guarding her daddy not to leave her. Well, it seems daddy should stay in the crib and keep his baby's company all night.

Watch the full video below:

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