How To Get Pregnant Fast: Fertility Clinic Founders Share Secrets Behind Successful Conception

By Sno-Ann Digon, Parent Herald May 20, 12:36 am

Many women prioritize career over a pregnancy. When the time comes that they would like to build their own families, they are confronted with one problem - inability to conceive. Founders of a fertility clinic in Canada share the secrets on how to get pregnant fast to help women who want to conceive yet find it hard to do so.

Global News CA said that Marjorie Dixon, Anova Fertility and Reproductive Health Clinic founder, shared some of the secrets behind getting pregnant fast. It may come as a surprise but most of the tips shared by Dixon are not at all new.

Sex At Least 3 Times A Week

One way to get pregnant fast is to engage in sex at least thrice a week without minding the position. According to Dixon, position has nothing to do with conception. Putting the legs up on the pillow thereafter does not help in increasing a woman's chances of conceiving.

Women are advised to monitor their periods. Those who understand their period, are more likely to engage in sexual contact when they are ovulating compared to those who don't. The former have an increased chance of conceiving.

The Right Food Choices

Dixon also recommends that women who would like to get pregnant fast should consider taking supplements. Healthy women have higher chances of conceiving. Those who are planning to get pregnant should take more Vitamin D and multi-vitamins with folic acid. Along with these vitamins, eliminating caffeine will be a wise move as well.

It is also best not to use lubricants before sex. According to WHO, there are lubricants that diminish the ability of the sperm to swim through. Hence, it is best to avoid using one when trying to get pregnant fast.

Say Goodbye To Smoking & Drinking

Smoking and drinking, according to Dixon, must also be eradicated. Stressors must not be a part of one's system too. When trying to conceive, avoiding stress is necessary.

Baby Center said that it is equally important to maintain a healthy weight. Engaging in regular exercise will make the body healthier and more ready for a pregnancy.

The tips shared by Dixon are simple and easy to follow if one is trying to get pregnant fast. Conceiving is not an impossibility. It may take a bit of time, but trying out the things mentioned by Dixon is surely a step in the right direction.

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