Miley Cyrus hospitalized, cancels 'Bangerz' Kansas City concert

By Jenna Iacurci, Parent Herald April 16, 03:27 pm

Miley Cyrus was forced to cancel her "Bangerz Tour" stop in Kansas City, MO, on Tuesday due to a "severe" allergic reaction to antibiotics.

Cyrus was scheduled to perform at the city's Sprint Center, but the venue released a statement saying she had to cancel due to medical reasons. Fans were fully reimbursed for their tickets.

Cyrus, 21, was just as upset as fans presumably were.

"I wanted so badly 2 b there 2night. Not being with y'all makes me feel sh--tier than I already do," the singer apologized to her fans via Twitter.

But rest assured, she is in good hands.

"Mr. Octopussy & some amazing Drs are taking good care of me," she tweeted.

Despite the star treatment, Cyrus says she is still "mizzzzzeraaabbblleeee."

"I hate this. & I hate hospitals. & I hate needles," she continued to tell fans. "I hate laying in a bad bored AF. & I hate feeling [sh--ty]."

The "Adore You" crooner, who has had a streak of bad luck in terms of health recently, added, "Hospital TV is wacccckkkkkkk!!!!! #wherestheappletv."

Cyrus also pulled out of a Charlotte, N.C., show last week because she was in "excruciating pain," according to Fans later found out that she had the flu.

There is no word as of yet whether Cyrus will be up and running in time for her next "Bangerz" stop. She is supposed to perform in St. Louis on Wednesday, followed by a show in Nashville on Friday and Louisville, Ky., on Saturday.

But as Cyrus struggles to get better in time, one fan rubbed salt in the wound.

"I'm gonna be driving all day, with non phone, then 3 hours to St. Louis," a fan tweeted. "If I get there to find @MileyCyrus cancelled, I'll die."

The "Wrecking Ball" performer immediately responded: "babe as of right now I'm still in the hospital...I just don't want any of my fans to be pissed off or disappointed."

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