Can Autistic Children Become Successful In Life? This Aspiring Teen Model Is Proving That Autism Won’t Hold Him Back

By John Drowne, Parent Herald May 21, 04:47 am

Most parents would always worry whether their children with autism could become successful in life. But RJ Peete, an aspiring teen model, is slowly proving to his famous parents, former NFL quarterback Rodney Peete and "21 Jump Street" actress Holly Robinson-Peete, and to the world that autism will not hold him back in achieving his dreams.

The Aspiring Teen Model And His Battle Against Autism

Huffington Post reports that Rodney Jackson Peete, or more known as RJ Peete, was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3. His parents, Rodney Peete and Holly Robinson-Peete, were told by the doctors that their autistic child would not achieve much.

As an autistic child, RJ Peete was not expected to communicate very well, play sports or socialize with friends. But 15 years after his autism diagnosis, RJ Peete, now 18, is surpassing expectations. He is presently carving his own name in the modeling industry, proving that autism will not hold him back.

RJ Peete's first major modeling gig was a professional photo shoot with celebrity photographer Andrew Macpherson in coordination with fashion industry veteran and modeling agent Omar Albertto. Macpherson, who was a first-timer in photographing a model with autism, has nothing but good words for RJ Peete.

"RJ Peete is a 'high-functioning' autistic, meaning that despite the challenges of his condition, he can fit into society," Macpherson wrote on his official Facebook account. "In front of the camera he was bright, alive, and exceptionally self-aware."

Autism Won't Hold Him Back

In an episode of the Peete family's series "For Peete's Sake " on OWN, Holly Robinson-Peete could not hold her tears back upon seeing the professional photos of his autistic child. "One of the most gratifying things about being a mom is when your kids exceed your expectations," Holly expressed.

Moreover, RJ Peete was also delighted upon seeing his stunning photos. He shared that he is looking forward to a future in the modeling industry, to get a driver's license, to own a debit card and to learn how to be an adult. "To all the kids with autism out there, you can do anything you want to," the aspiring teen model advised autistic children like him.

Can autistic children become successful in life? What can you say about the aspiring teen model's story? Share your thoughts below.

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