'Kingdom Hearts 3' Release Date, News & Update: Square Enix To Release A New Trailer At E3; Title Not Final?

By Catherine Brown, Parent Herald May 22, 06:02 am

The third installment of "Kingdom Hearts 3" is among the most anticipated games to date. In fact, "Kingdom Hearts 3" has been in the rumor mills for a while now, unfortunately, Square Enix is keeping their progress about the game under wraps. However, according to new reports, the developers might release a new trailer for the upcoming title.

Square Enix Will Release A New 'Kingdom Hearts 3' Trailer At E3

According to NeuroGadget, Square Enix will release a new trailer for "Kingdom Hearts 3" at the upcoming E3 2016. There are rumors that the trailer will introduce new characters and will highlight the gameplay footage of the upcoming title.

Although a new "Kingdom Hearts 3" trailer will be available, this does not suggest that the title will be coming soon. Per Christian Times, the title is still in the works and it will be interesting how fans will receive it.

'Kingdom Hearts 3' Title Still Not Final

According to Yibada, the title for "Kingdom Hearts 3" is still not final. The anticipated game was titled "Kingdom Hearts 2.8" on Square Enix 2017 fiscal year report.

Per the report, "Kingdom Heart 3" or "Kingdom Hearts 2.8" is not included in the slides presented to the company's investors. However, there are seven games that will surely delight fans. These include "World of Final Fantasy," "Rise of the Tomb Raider," "Deus Ex: Mankind Divided," "Dragon Quest Heroes II," "SaGa Scarlet Grace" and "Final Fantasy 15."

'Kingdom Hearts 3' Is Still A Year Away

Meanwhile, Parent Herald previously reported that based on Square Enix's financial report, "Kingdom Hearts 3" will not be coming until April 2017. So, although the game will be present at E3 2016, "Kingdom Hearts" fans will still have to wait for another year to play the title.

Are you excited for "Kingdom Hearts 3?" Are you happy that Square Enix will be releasing another trailer at E3 2016? What do you want to see in the upcoming title? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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